Water makes wood swell and shrink and leads to cracks. It’ s a fairy tale that wood needs no protection.


Aquatron is made of siloxanes and does not contain fluorocarbons, neither does it need biocides to behave anti-fungi. Neutral and translucent polysiloxanes are the natural building blocks of a breathable “screen” transporting moisture from the inside and repelling water from the outside, just as natural as your skin.


Aquatron is no ordinary lacquer nor varnish to be sanded every 4-5 years. The hydrophobic polymers in 3D adhere with the wood under the surface and repel oil and dust for a long time. Apply Aquatron with brush, roller, spray (no fluocarbons !) or even dip.

Aquatron is a liquid umbrella being at the same time tough and flexible. Tough to repel oil and dust, flexible to follow woods natural shrinking. Rain droplets pearl off and the surface stays dry. Aquatron UV prevents your wood from graying by UV radiation

You intend to apply Aquatron? Have a look at the technical data sheet (TDS), containing useful information about the do’s and don’t do’s with our fine product. For safety and health/hazard information, consult the material safety and data sheet (MSDS).

Product Warranty

We hereby certify that Aquatron and Aquatron UV – being products genuinely developed and fabricated at Thienpont NV in Belgium –  will keep water repellency and adherence to mineral  substrate during at least 5 years after exposure to weathering. We guarantee also that the product will considerably reduce the water uptake of the substrate.

Inorder to invoke this guarantee, buyer has to follow carefully seller’s application instructions as detailed in the technical data sheet. In any case of proven failure, Thienpont will at its choice refund the buyer or replace defective goods, with at maximum the value of the invoice(s) concerned.

Freddy Wittezaele
CEO Aquatron