Universal Aquatron is designed to repel water but will not protect against the UV radiation from the sun.  This kind of Aquatron will merely help the natural process of graying and spreads softly and equally the radiation over the surface. If you like natural graying, buy Aquatron. On the pic above a piece of wood nicely gray after treatment with Aquatron.

Water beads up on beautiful freshly sealed cedar wood decking after a morning rainstorm


Important notice: Aquatron UV is also developed to bead water but special filters in the product absorb UV radiation. Due to these light stabilisators your wood will keep its original natural color. Attention, read technical datasheet ! To achieve maximum UV protection, you need first to apply 2 layers “aquatron uv” and finish with 2 layers “aquatron normal”. The choice is purely esthetically. On the pic above original red cedar treated with Aquatron UV.